Saving Bjorn the Bear

Bjorn the Bear - shunt puppy.jpg

Little Bjorn needs a life saving operation to repair his liver. His breeder, tried to do everything right when rearing her first litter of Irish Wolfhounds, including having them shunt tested, as recommended by the breed clubs.

It was a huge shock when the results came back and three out of the five puppies had failed the test! This was an especially cruel blow since tragically, seven puppies had been stillborn in this litter.

Sadly, Bjorn’s two affected brothers quickly became very poorly and had to be put to sleep to prevent further suffering. Bjorn’s results were a little better than his brothers and with the help of a special diet and lots of TLC, he was well enough to undergo a CT scan to assess his chances of having successful surgery.

The operation to repair an intrahepatic shunt (that is a shunt which runs inside the liver) requires a highly skilled surgeon and is therefore expensive. This is the same operation that saved the life of one of our "Inspirations" - Whisper

This life saving surgery needs to happen as soon as possible. The longer Bjorn’s liver struggles to cope, the more chance there is for toxins to build up in his system, which could jeopardise the operation’s success. His owner/breeder has been trying hard to get the money together to pay for the op, but she needs some help from lovers of Irish Wolfhounds.

The PAWS Team have been helping with practical advice on Bjorn’s care and in view of the heartbreak suffered by his breeder and the seriousness of his condition, have offered to support a fundraiser – specifically for Bjorn’s treatment.

If you would like to donate towards giving Bjorn the chance of a healthy life, please click HERE - then just click on the “Welfare Fund” button and write “For Bjorn” in the comments box on the donation form.

The PAWS Team is extremely grateful to have the support of "The Irish Wolfhound Community" and "Wolfhound Bling!!" Facebook pages, where donations and items for auction, have been streaming in during the last 48 hours or so. 

ALL the money raised in Bjorn’s name, will be paid directly to the veterinary hospital where he is being treated. Should there be any surplus raised, this will be held in our "Welfare Fund" to benefit any future hounds who need urgent assistance.

Updates on the amount raised will be posted here.

STOP PRESS!!!! Bjorn now has a date for his op - Friday 26th January. Huge thanks to all who have donated and are contributing to his auction. Donations received so far total over £2,500 and with the flourishing auction on Wolfhound Bling!! - we are right on target to fund the op. Thank you everyone!