The primary objective of PAWS is to offer practical help    to Irish Wolfhounds and their owners

This service is provided free of charge by our volunteers, however there are often costs associated with providing this help; such as the purchase and maintenance of equipment.

If you have any items (stretchers, lifting straps, protective boots, etc) that you would like to donate – or if you wish to dedicate a piece of equipment to a hound past or present - please contact us

If you would like to make a contribution towards these costs, please click on the box below   

The welfare fund account is for general Irish Wolfhound aid - as outlined in our aims. 


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Polly's PAWS

The Polly's PAWS fund was set up in memory of Pollyanna and was intended to help other hounds who suffer FCE and similar spinal problems, by providing support, advice, equipment and assisting research. 

  Labels with the above design will be attached to those items dedicated to Polly's memory

  Labels with the above design will be attached to those items dedicated to Polly's memory

The total amount in the fund when PAWS was launched was just over £2,000 and it was agreed that half of this money would be spent on purchasing equipment and half on research into FCE.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, this money is now being held by another wolfhound charity.

However, since the various regional launches proved very successful and thanks to some generous donations, PAWS has been able to allocate a substantial sum to spend on the "practical" aspect, as was initially intended. This will enable us to purchase equipment essential for the care and management of hounds with spinal injury or illness. These items will be dedicated to Polly's memory.”