The aim of PAWS is to offer practical help to Irish Wolfhounds


Our Beginning

The idea for PAWS came about as the result of a number of cases where owners were faced with Wolfhound related problems, that they simply couldn't fix on their own. All of these fell outside the usual remit of the various breed groups, so finding someone to turn to for advice, support and practical help was difficult.

Inspired by a variety of personal experiences, some of the founder members of the team, have been working together on an informal basis, for many years.  The network has operated mainly within East Anglia, but recent events have suggested that there is a need for the network to be extended to cover the whole of the UK.

The PAWS team believe that no Irish Wolfhound should suffer simply because of the challenges associated with being a giant breed of dog.     

It is heartbreaking to think that in some cases, Wolfhounds faced euthanasia, due to a lack of practical help, advice and/or insurmountable financial constraints. 

For example, as a giant breed, they are physically more difficult to manage during post-operative rehabilitation. The practicalities of lifting and turning a 150lb dog are akin to those involved with human care - but the facilities are not often readily available. Owners who live alone would be unable to care for a Wolfhound at home, who was temporarily paralysed (see Fergus) - there just isn't an organisation that provides this type of service. Harnesses and lifting equipment are expensive to buy and may only be needed for a matter of weeks, so hiring would be a useful option.

Sometimes, all you need is another pair of hands .... or two - or three!

At PAWS we aim to help find a solution to those "awkward" problems. 


Our aim

We aim to help Wolfhounds and their owners overcome difficulties, by providing a "one stop" service for advice, hands-on help and support. We are entirely self- funding and rely on donations to cover our costs. All our members work on a voluntary basis.

Our Latest Inspiration    

Pollyanna - a beautiful, strong, healthy 4yr old Irish Wolfhound, Polly was struck down with an FCE, due to an unknown trauma in early 2016. Her owner sought the very best treatment for her and she received many months of supportive care, including physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Irish Wolfhound owners worldwide were willing this lovely hound to recover and wanted to support her distraught owner, who was physically not able to manage Polly on her own. Appeals were made, auctions planned and donations poured in, but sadly, it was decided that Polly's spine was too badly damaged for her to ever walk again.

In tribute to Polly and the depth of feeling her situation engendered, we set up a fund specifically to help Wolfhounds with similar spinal conditions.

This fund was originally known as "Pollyanna's Practical Aid for Wolfhounds" - or "Polly's PAWS


Pollyanna - image created by Gary Bee

Pollyanna - image created by Gary Bee