Fergus became completely paralysed due to a mystery illness. His recently widowed owner was unable to physically manage his care


       Safety from euthanasia




          Manpower, equipment


The PAWS team

Caroline, Pat, Steve, Michelle, Jill, Allys & Chris

Fergus was in danger of being put to sleep, simply because his owner was unable to physically lift and turn him on her own. The vets suggested that without a definitive diagnosis, a likely outcome was impossible to predict and given his size and weight, it was not practical to keep him alive.

His recovery - if there was one - could take weeks or months ....................

If Fergus had been a Yorkshire Terrier, it is unlikely that the vet would have recommended euthanasia. His potential death sentence, was simply due to the practical problems associated with his size and weight.

These are precisely the type of problems that PAWS aim to solve.

You can read more about Fergus' illness and recovery by following the LINK below

What was achieved:

After discussion between the referral vet and a founder member of PAWS,  Fergus was finally transferred to the AHT in Newmarket, where he underwent many diagnostic tests. He was able to stay there for two and a half weeks, until he was mobile enough to return home.

A team of volunteers helped his owner with Fergus' daily care. They went in 3 times a day, for several weeks, to help lift and turn him and encourage him to walk and strengthen his muscles. He regained full mobility over the next few months and went on to live until the grand age of 12 years and 2 months!

Knowledge gained from Fergus' experience, was put to good use when his litter sister Wenna, developed the same condition a few months later. Wenna's owners were also helped by a team of kind volunteers, who gave up their time to help. Wenna also made a full recovery.






Fergus with his housemates Rafferty & Dempsey (sitting)

Fergus with his housemates Rafferty & Dempsey (sitting)