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Our regional co-ordinators (Helping PAWS) each have their own group of volunteers offering help to Wolfhounds in their local area.

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Hi I’m Helen I’ve been a lover of dogs, specifically Wolfhounds from a very young age; my first encounter, when I was still shorter than a wolfie was seeing a pair being exercised in Clumber Park; I was transfixed and from that point on dogs became the focus of my life. Now as an adult I’m proud to own, or be owned by a hound or two.
Once Brig arrived in our house I began to realise that Wolfhounds do not fall into the same care category as other breeds, this along with the needs of Lux one of my Labradors drove me to research natural healthcare and diet. I now hold qualifications in herbal and holistic medicines alongside several years’ experience of raw feeding and dietary supplementation.

To me the welfare of dogs, mine or otherwise, is paramount. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, “Be they pedigree, mixture or mongrel; all dogs are created equal”.

NORTH YORKSHIRE                                          Jane Littlefair

Seamus is my first Irish Wolfhound. We had dogs when I was growing up, and I’ve had my own dogs for 23 years along with horses and various farm animals, but I had to wait until the time was right to achieve my dream. In 2009 I got Seamus as a puppy.

I quickly realised I needed expert rearing advice with him and joined the Irish Wolfhound Club. Although it can be daunting picking up the phone to ring and ask for help when you don’t know anyone, all were lovely and very helpful with advice on my rather wayward teenager. Getting to know people proved invaluable with the many health problems he has had.

The first time I met other wolfhound people was when I took him to his first heart testing session. Last year we held the regional heart testing session here, which was a little like coming ‘full circle’, and it was nice to be able to help. We also held a little gathering here, and I hope to be able to hold more

Seamus has taught me so much and introduced me to so many knowledgeable people that have become good friends that it would be nice to help others and be able to give something back

Hazel Barnes (profile to be added soon)

GREATER MANCHESTER                                     Carol Stirling

Hi, my name is Carol Stirling, I've had dogs all my life, starting with a Border Collie from a Welsh Farm for my 10th Birthday. She lived untill she was 12yrs old.
I was one of those children that went round collecting stray dogs from around the neighbourhood, and then making posters to put on lamposts so the owners would find them, Mum used to despair of me, but she loved any and all animals, guess that's where I got it from. I love being out in the countryside walking with my hounds or just listening to nature. I became involved in Wolfhounds in 1993 when I aquired my rescue hound Clancy. Sadly he was only with me for two years, but he taught me so much about the breed and their little quirks. I purchased my first girl in 1995 and my present hounds are all direct decendants of her, I have been so lucky.
I'm always here if anyone has questions and love to help if I can. The future of this majestic breed is in our hands.

NORTHUMBERLAND - DURHAM - TEESIDE                                                   Pauline & Nicci Simmons

Nicci with Irish Wolfhound crosses Basil & Bertie

Nicci with Irish Wolfhound crosses Basil & Bertie

Hi we are Pauline and Nicci - Mother and Daughter. We are both avid lovers of all things dogs, the bigger the better for us. Between us we have 6 German Shepherds, 2 rescued Irish Wolfhound cross Newfoundlands and a Bullmastiff. Our Wolfhound crosses came to us from a complex welfare case involving many other dogs, which the founders of PAWS had helped with. We live in Blyth and Cambois on the Northumberland coastline and can often be found wandering the beaches with our dogs. Pauline has owned dogs for over 40 years and I have owned for over 25yrs. We are very happy to help in any way possible as Helping Paws and can be easily reached most times during the day.

NORTHUMBERLAND - SCOTTISH BORDERS - CUMBRIA                        Helen & Neil Preshous

Hi my name is Helen. I live on the North East coast of England with my husband Neil & our beloved White Shepherd Arte, who turns 8yrs old in August. Neil & I are both retired Police Officers, having served 30years for Northumbria Police. While Neil is a stay at home Dad (to Arte), I retrained as a teaching assistant & work three mornings a week in a primary school, where Arte is a Pets As Therapy Read2Dog. Between us we have lived with a combination of Wolfhounds & German Shepherds for over 40 years. Two of our Wolfhounds have been rescues, placed with us through the Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust.
We lost our last Wolfhound Paddy, 4 years ago and we still have a huge Wolfhound space in our hearts that one day we will fill when the right one finds us.
Until then we are lucky to have lots of Wolfhound friends come up to holiday in our beautiful county of Northumberland & I get my Wolfhound 'fix' on a regular basis. Neil & I are happy to help out with this fantastic scheme in any way we possibly can.

Ann & James Macaulay (profile to be added soon)