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Our regional co-ordinators (Helping PAWS) each have their own group of volunteers offering help to Wolfhounds in their local area.

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ESSEX, HERTFORSHIRE, BEDFORDSHIRE                                            Kevin & Adele Campbell-Woodford
My love of Irish Wolfhounds started when as a Royal Irish Ranger in 1973, our battalion regimental mascot was Brian Boru. I was so proud marching to our pipes and drums with him leading the parade. In 1999 Adele and I went home to Ireland on holiday, looking for a Wolfhound puppy, but unfortunately had no success on that visit. Back home we contacted the Irish Wolfhound Club and were guided in the direction of a wonderful breeder, Judy Cooper, who after vetting us let us have our first wolfhound, Yoshia Jewel of Killarney (Jasmine).

The next wolfhound to become part of our family was extra special, a rescue hound from the then Irish Wolfhound Rescue Secretary Caroline Sheppard, who gave us Tara Tara Tuppence. She and our rescued Labrador/Great Dane cross Jake, became inseparable for the next four and a half years, until various tumours took Tara to cross over the bridge. Jake was devastated at the loss of his close friend and partner in mischief. Our next Wolfhound Ossian, came to us from Jackie & Joe Watson. She was born on Adele’s Birthday - the 5th November 2012 and is aptly named Rivenhound’s Bonfire at Kilmacdaugh. In January 2015, it was my turn to get a wolfhound birthday present! Innis (Yelxba Celtic Fire at Kilmacdaugh) “adopted” me on a visit to his breeder, Ros Cramphorn. Little did we know that Innis would need all that Celtic Fire to survive what was thrown at him. Innis has gone through the wars in his short life, having an infected bursa removed and then damaging his very long, happy tail, which resulted in two further major operations.
As the wound wouldn’t heal, our vet referred us to Kate Parsons Canine Physiotherapy who took the radical approach of using laser treatment to help the healing process. Perseverance and thinking outside the box paid off and Innis’s tail has now healed completely, albeit minus most of its length. His life was saved and as our vet said recently we dodged a bullet although at times it was crisis management, Adele and I without the support network from our professionals, close friends and breeders would not be where we are today with our two special wolfhounds.
From our first wolfhound in 1999 until now, 17 years have flown by. The most important thing to remember is we are always learning and we all need help, not just money, but ‘people support’ to protect and enhance our wonderful breed. That is why Adele & I have joined PAWS, Practical Aid for Wolfhounds.

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EAST YORKSHIRE, NORTH LINCS                                             Bryan & Kerry McGrath  

We are Bryan and Kerry, a fifty something couple who have been owned by wolfhounds for just over 3 years, although we have had dogs of all shapes and sizes all our lives. We were thrown in at the deep end when we discovered one of our Wolfhounds came to us at 15 weeks old with congenital megaesophagus. We quickly became "experts" on managing this awful condition, learning from experience; as there was not a lot of help out there.
Ferdi sadly died from pneumonia, just days short of his first birthday. His brother, Londo, is now a happy, gentle 3 year old.
Following Ferdi's death we registered with the Wolfhound Rescue Trust and shortly after this, we were lucky enough to be told about a welfare litter, who were in need of good, permanent homes. Thanks to the loving care and sheer determination of Caroline and Bev, we are now totally owned by two year old Casper.
We live in rural North Lincolnshire surrounded by our menagerie of horses, wolfhounds and our daughters' dogs, Tom a Welsh collie and Tess, an ancient but sassy Westie.
We can offer help and support in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and the Humber region. We are happy to be part of PAWS, in order to give back to those in the Wolfhound Community who have helped us, by supporting others who may need it.

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SOUTH YORKSHIRE, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, DERBYSHIRE                             Carole Kelly            

Hello my name is Carole Kelly and I live in Arnold, Nottingham with my husband Danny, son Jack, daughter Amy and our three Irish Wolfhounds, Brodie, Cian and Niall.

I have had dogs all my life, from mongrels to pedigrees, including a Border Collie and an Old English Sheepdog. From when I was a teenager, I dreamt of the day I would be owned by an Irish Wolfhound, after I met my first one, a gorgeous boy named Seamus, owned by a neighbour.

I am fairly new to the breed and certainly no expert, having my first Wolfhound just 8 years ago; but what I don’t know, I am willing to find out and I am always happy to help people.

DERBYSHIRE & PEAK DISTRICT                                                  Don & Wendy Reeves

We have had lots of dogs of various breeds and sizes who have shared our family home over the years.
We registered with The Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust in around 2000, which was when we first came into contact with our first wolfhound. Since then, we have become increasingly fond of the breed and have been given the opportunity through the Rescue Trust, to care for a number of wolfhounds who have needed a new forever home.
In 2015 we chose to get two wolfhound puppies, which has kept us on our toes! We have also enjoyed being part of the Irish Wolfhound community and have been getting to know about showing these wonderful dogs.
We live in the Peak National Park above Buxton in Derbyshire and have a large, safe, enclosed garden for the dogs to play in and they also go for long walks on the moors.
We can accommodate overnight stays as we have secure individual kennels - no breakfast in bed though! We can offer easy access transport for hounds if needed.

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