Our Mission is to provide help and support for Irish Wolfhounds and their owners



mobility, fostering, supervision

  A ssistance?

care concerns, dogs & the law

 practical, financial, emotional

Loan of mobility aids - including      harnesses, lifting straps, ramps

Do you have concerns about a     wolfhound's level of care? 

Physical help with lifting and
turning incapacitated hounds

Fostering - short or long term by experienced wolfhound owners in a home environment where possible

Supervision - dog-sitting injured or ill wolfhounds, when owner not available

Do you have concerns about how
the law affects your wolfhound?

You can learn more about dogs &
the law by clicking here

Financial help where extreme hardship
is likely to compromise hound health & welfare

Emotional support and advice from other owners who have experienced similar problems


PAWS is run by a network of dedicated Irish Wolfhound owners and enthusiasts. If you have a problem that you need help to solve - talk to the PAWS - and we will do our best to offer a practical solution.

Many of the “Helping PAWShave previous experience with animal rescue and welfare work. Although Irish Wolfhounds have always been well served by the Breed Clubs, the IW Rescue Trust and the IW Health Group, it has become increasingly clear that there is a something of a gap in these services.

Some problems just didn't fit neatly into any of the "boxes". So the idea of setting up a complementary service to run alongside the other existing groups - specifically to help wolfhounds in need - was born.

A complex welfare case in 2014, was one of the things that prompted our founder to revisit the possibility of setting up a nationwide network of volunteers, with a view to providing help where there were no existing avenues to explore. 

We have assembled a team of volunteers throughout the UK, who are willing to provide help in a wide variety of ways.