Hope was rescued, along with a number of other dogs needing veterinary attention, from a difficult situation, which also involved the RSPCA


The PAWS team - Bev, Caroline, Tina, Larry, Clive

Hope had sustained a badly broken leg at around 3 weeks of age. Her breeder failed to get veterinary attention for her for at least 5 days, by which time the leg was twisted, deformed and useless. Members of the PAWS team had been trying to advise and give hands on help to the breeder (who had many other dogs) about health and welfare issues, as she had refused to cooperate with the RSPCA. Eventually, the breeder agreed to relinquish Hope's care, but due to the extent of the damage and the length of time the leg had been left untreated, there was only a slim chance that the leg could be saved.

The PAWS team stepped in and ensured that Hope was given the very best of veterinary attention, which involved changing the cast on Hope's leg every 3-4 days for 8 weeks. Six months of intensive rehabilitation followed and although Hope has a slightly smaller foot on the affected leg and will develop arthritis around the damaged area, she is now able to use the leg completely normally.

What was achieved:


Hope's breeder was eventually persuaded to take her for veterinary treatment and then pass her on to a third party for rehabilitation


All veterinary treatment, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy was arranged and paid for by the PAWS team. After 6 months of intensive physio, hydro, a balanced diet and a lot of love, Hope's leg was healed and she had full use of it. She is now two years old and able to run and gallop.


The PAWS team worked closely with the RSPCA to bring about a resolution to an escalating problem with this particular breeder, who was later convicted of offences under the Animal Welfare Act and banned from keeping dogs for 5 years.

Hope - able to gallop and use all four legs!

Hope - able to gallop and use all four legs!